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Welcome to Hawaii


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Please no advertising on my Blog.

I just noticed I have been invaded by people writing nonsense on my blog to advertise. Please do not  unless you writing about your experience in Hawaii.
Hawaii is a beautiful vacation  spot but can be very expensive. If you do your research you will find many places to stay , eat ,and go  for reasonable Hawaii prices.  But remember Hawaii rates in the top 3 for the most expensive places to live in the United States.  So our reasonable prices will be high to a lot of you lucky ones that in a inexpensive place.  But as my husband from Hawaii always says, "YOU PAY TO LIVE IN PARADISE"

Welcome to Hawaii

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Welcome. Thank you for joining me at my website.
Today 01/07/2013 in Volcano Hawaii it is down pouring and chilly.
That why we tell our quest in our confirmation letter to bring  rain gear and some warm clothing.
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